Turnip Cake Taiwanese Style

Tested Recipe Adapted from taiwanduck.com

Turnip Cake Taiwanese Style

One mooli / diakon / long turnip
An equal volume of rice flour
A pint of water for the rice flour paste
A Chinese bowl containing dried prawns, topped up with water
A Chinese bowl of dried mushrooms, topped up with water
Half a Chinese bowl of dried onion
250g of bacon

I’ve also added some chopped spring onion & red chilli for garnishing

Preparation Instructions:

1. Collect together your ingredients and two identical large bowls.

2. Into one bowl shred or grate or chop the mooli into pieces approx 30mm long and 5mm thick.

3. Fill the other bowl with rice flour to about the same level as the grated mooli in the first bowl.

4. Our mooli was about 12″ or 30cm long.

5. We used a pint of water to mix the rice flour into a smooth paste.

6. Put the chopped mooli in a large pan and add water until it is level with mooli. Boil this for 10 minutes or until the strands of vegetable break easily when bent.

7. Fry the bacon in another pan, add in the chopped shrimps, then mushrooms, when it’s all looking well done add the dried onions for a minute of cooking.

8. Add the contents of the frying pan to the other pan and mix it all together on a medium heat, just for a few minutes until mixed thoroughly.

9. Transfer the complete mixture to a large square dish to be steamed.

10. We steamed it in the glass bowl on a wire rack in a large wok with lid.

11. After 10 minutes of steaming check the water level, after 20 minutes the turnip cake will be finished steaming.

12. Take out the large glass dish to cool, when it’s cool you can cover it and put it in your fridge.

13. The next day your turnip cake is ready to fry.

14. Cut out rectangles about 3″x2″ or 7cmx5cm and ginger thickness, we find that just right.

15. Fry in a little oil, both sides until golden brown.

16. Serve with a splash of oyster sauce and a splash of sesame oil. (

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