Fried Chicken Steak Taiwanese Style

Tested Recipe Adapted from

Fried Chicken Steak Taiwanese Style


3 chicken breasts
One cup of flour
2 eggs, beaten
One cup of sweet potato flour

Half cup of soy sauce
1 tbsp rice wine
1 tbsp of sugar
Some white & black pepper
1/3 tsp of five spice powder
3 pieces of garlic
One spring onion
A dash of sesame oil


2 tbsp of mayonnaise
Half a lemon juiced
1 tbsp of sugar
Finely chopped thumb sized piece of onion and gherkin blended together

Preparation Instructions:

1. Slice the chicken breast open into three times the size, then use the meat tenderiser (hammer) to make it.

2. Put these chicken pieces in the marinade for half an hour or more in your fridge.

3. Coat the chicken pieces in flour, then egg, then sweet potato flour, leave them until the flour surface becomes wet (making sure it’s stuck on well)

4. Into hot oil add the pieces of coated chicken, fry until golden brown.

5. Take the chicken out, get the oil very hot and put the chicken pieces back in for about 10 seconds only.

6. Put the pieces on a kitchen towel and chop the chicken into ‘fingers’.

7. Serve either with a bowl of rice and salad, “Gee Pie Fan” or on a bed of lettuce “Da Gee Pie”. Both ways are nice with our dip (above) a kind of tartar sauce.

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