Bamboo Leaf Belly Rolls

Tested Recipe Adapted from

Bamboo Leaf Belly Rolls


500-600g of pork belly, skin on

1/2 cup sweet rice wine
2 soup spoon light soy sauce
2 soup spoon dark soy sauce
1 soup spoon sweet black vinegar
2 soup spoon sugar
2 star anise
2 inches cinnamon
1 inch ginger, sliced
2 sprigs of spring onion (white part only)
1/2 tsp Sichuan peppercorn
2 bay leaves
Salt to taste

12-15 pieces bamboo leaf and dried reed strings

Preparation Instructions:

1. Soak bamboo leaves and dried reed strings until soft. Trim away the hard parts.

2. Cut pork belly into 1.5cm thick, 5 or 6 cm wide pieces.

3. Roll the belly pieces in the softened bamboo leaf and tie them tight with the reed strings.

4. Put everything into a pot and add enough water to cover.

5. On medium heat, bring to a gentle boil and lower to a simmer for 2 hours. Taste and adjust seasonings if needed. Let the rolls in the gravy until serving time.

6. Reheat to serve.


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