Rendang Tok Asli Manja

Tested Recipe with Slight Adjustment Adapted from Kerja Dari Rumah

Rendang Tok Asli Manja


600g beef (cut into bite-sized pieces)

600g thick coconut milk

½ tbsp coriander seed (biji ketumbar)

½ tbsp fennel (jintan manis)

½ tbsp cumin (jintan putih)

1 cinnamon stick (kayu manis)

2 star anise (bunga lawang)

3 cloves (bunga cengkih)

3 cardamon pod (buah pelage)

1 tbsp asam jawa mixed with 2 tbsp water

25g palm sugar (gula Melaka)

3 tbsp kerisik

2 pcs turmeric leave (shredded)

Salt to taste

3 tbsp cooking oil

Blended ingredients:

6 shallots

3 cloves garlic

2cm lengkuas

2cm ginger

3 stalk lemongrass

5 tbsp chilli boh

1 inch turmeric

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Heat up a frying pan without oil, dry fry the coriander seed, fennel and cumin until fragrant. Dish out and leave to cool. Use a hand blender to blend it and marinate the blended spices with beef pieces and leave it in the fridge overnight.
  2. Remove the marinated beef from the fridge, add it into a wok with some water. Bring to a boil, turn to low heat and simmer until the beef become tender.
  3. Heat up 3 tbsp cooking oil in a wok, saute the blended ingredients together with cinnamon stick, star anise and cardamom pod until aromatic and oils separated.
  4. Add in beef and stir to combine. Add in coconut milk and kerisik, constantly stirring on low heat until most of the water evaporated.
  5. Add in air asam jawa, gula Melaka and daun kunyit and continue to simmer until thickens. Add in salt to taste and serve.



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