Fried Tapioca Noodles

Tested Recipe with Slight Adjustment Adapted from Chef Chay Foo Kiong’s Tasty Noodles

Fried Tapioca Noodles

Ingredients A:

280g tapioca flour

125ml boiling water

100g taro (peeled off skin, sliced, steamed till cooked, mashed)

Ingredients B:

1 tbsp dried shrimps (soaked)

2 eggs (lightly beaten)

4 cloves garlic (peeled and chopped)

200g prawns (shelled, deveined with the tail intact)

50g lean meat (sliced)

1 stalk leek (sliced diagonally)

100ml water


1 tsp chicken seasoning powder

1 ½ tbsp light soy sauce

1/3 tbsp dark soy sauce

¼ tsp ground white pepper

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Place tapioca flour into a food processor. Add in hot water, knead it into a dough. Next, add in taro puree, knead till a dough develops. Place dough on a table top. Knead manually with your palms till it becomes smooth and loosen up its fibre.
  2. Roll the dough into 2mm thickness. Use a knife to cut into 5 inches length. Scald in boiling hot oil, remove instantly.
  3. Heat wok with 2 tbsp of oil. Saute dried shrimps, remove. Add in beaten eggs, fry continuously. Add in garlic, fry well.
  4. Add in remaining ingredient (B), seasoning, tapioca noodles and dried shrimps. Fry well, dish up and serve.

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