Eggplant with Spicy Minced Meat

Tested Recipe with Slight Adjustment Adapted from Li Fang Lee’s 4 Flavours

Eggplant with Spicy Minced Meat


3 eggplant (420g)

40g minced pork

40g minced prawn

1 stalk spring onion (chopped)

1 tbsp chopped garlic

½ tbsp chopped ginger

2 bird’s eye chillies (chopped)

1 red chilli (chopped)

Seasonings: (mixed well)

1 tbsp light soy sauce

1 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce

½ tsp sesame oil

½ tsp caster sugar

1 tsp tapioca starch

100ml water

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Heat up a wok with water and 1 tsp of cooking oil and bring to a boil.
  2. Add in eggplant and continue to simmer until cooked.
  3. Remove and cut into sections and arrange neatly on a serving platter.
  4. Heat up 2 tbsp of cooking oil in a wok, stir-fry chopped garlic and ginger until fragrant.
  5. Add in minced pork, minced prawn, chopped red chilli and bird’s eye chillies and stir to combine.
  6. Pour in seasoning and cook until the sauce become thicken.
  7. Stir in chopped spring onion and pour over the eggplant.

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