Mee Rebus Deluxe

Tested Recipe with Slight Adjustment Adapted from Eric Low

Mee Rebus Deluxe


1kg yellow noodles

500g beansprouts (cleaned)


150ml cooking oil

100g spice paste

100g chilli paste

80g baby dried shrimps (rinsed)

85g fermented soy bean paste

20g meat curry powder

350g sweet potato (peeled and diced)

100g coarsely ground roasted peanuts

2 litres water

150ml coconut milk

100g gula Melaka

2 tbsp dark soy sauce

1 tsp salt


6 pcs beancurd (fried and cut into cubes)

100g crispy fried shallots

1 stalk Chinese celery (chopped)

6 nos eggs (hard-boiled, shelled and sliced)

10 nos calamansi (halved)

6 pcs green chillies (sliced)

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Heat oil and fry spice paste and chilli paste till fragrant. Add in baby dried shrimps and continue to fry for another 3 minutes.
  2. Mix in fermented soybean paste, meat curry powder, sweet potatoes and peanuts, and mix well. Add in water and coconut milk and bring to a boil.
  3. Add in gula Melaka and dark soy sauce. Simmer till sweet potatoes are tender.
  4. Blend gravy till smooth. Return gravy to the pot and season with salt.
  5. Blanch noodles and beansprouts and set them aside.
  6. To serve: Place some noodles and beansprouts on a serving bowl. Spoon adequate gravy for each portion. Garnish with condiments. Serve.



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