Ayam Goreng Lengkuas

Ayam Goreng Lengkuas


1 no x 925g whole chicken (cleaned and cut into quarter)

1 tbsp coriander powder

2 pcs bay leaves

¼ tsp white peppercorn (crushed)

2 tsp salt

300ml water

Adequate cooking oil for deep-frying

Blended spices:

3 tbsp chopped galangal

1-inch fresh turmeric

4 cloves garlic (peeled)


Some lettuce leaves

Preparation Instructions:

  1. In a pot, add in chicken pieces, coriander powder, bay leaves, crushed white peppercorn, salt, water and blended spices.
  2. Bring to a boil and turn heat to low and continue to simmer until chicken pieces are cooked. Remove and leave to cool completely.
  3. Heat up adequate cooking oil for deep-frying. Deep-fry the cooked chicken pieces until golden brown. Remove, drained and transfer onto a serving platter. Garnish with lettuce leaves. Serve.



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