Hakka Braised Black Vinegar Trotter

Tested Recipe Adapted from An Inspiring Collection of Hakka Foods



1 no x 1.5kg pig’s trotter

10 nos hard-boiled eggs (shelled)

120g old ginger with skin (sliced)

200g young ginger (cut into triangular pieces)

3 heads smoked garlic

100g palm sugar

1 bottle x 750ml Chinese black vinegar

750ml water

2 tbsp sesame oil


½ tsp salt

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Cut trotter into chunks, rinse and blanch them in the boiling water over high heat for 10 minutes. Dish out, rinse under running cool water, drained well.
  2. Heat up 2 tbsp sesame oil in the preheated wok to saute old ginger over low heat until fragrant. Add in trotter pieces, stir-fry briskly until the colour of trotter are changes. Dish out, transfer to a deep pot.
  3. Add in black vinegar, water, young ginger, smoked garlic and palm sugar, bring to boil. Covered, lower the heat, and simmer for approximately 40 minutes.
  4. Add egg, cook for further 20 minutes, season with salt, remove from heat, but soak trotter in the black vinegar for 1-2 hours until the trotter pieces are tender and the flavour had been absorbed. Serve hot.

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