Braised Minced Pork Rice with Preserved Vegetables

Tested Recipe with Slight Adjustment Adapted from Choong Su Yin’s Scrumptious Rice & Porridge


Ingredients A:

Adequate cooked rice

300g minced pork belly

10g Chinese mushroo

3 cups water

130g shallots

50g garlic


½ tbsp dark soy sauce

1 tbsp light soy sauce

½ tbsp oyster sauce

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

¼ tsp ground white pepper

1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine

1 piece star anise

Preserved Vegetables:

90g sugar

55ml vinegar

1/8 tsp salt

½ piece carrot (peeled and sliced into 2mm slices)

½ piece radish (peeled and sliced into 2 mm slices)

½ piece cucumber (peeled, seeded and slice into 2mm slices)

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Preserved Vegetables:
  • Boil sugar, vinegar and salt together until sugar dissolved. Leave to cool.
  • Place carrot, radish and cucumber into cold sweet and sour syrup, marinate for overnight.
  1. Soak mushroom in water till soft, remove stem and wash, squeeze away excess water, cut into dice. Mix with a dash of sugar and starch, marinate for 10 minutes.
  2. Peel and slice shallots, mix well with some starch and deep-fry until golden brown. Peel and chop garlic, stir-fry until golden brown, set aside.
  3. Heat up some oil in wok, add minced meat and stir-fry until minced meat spread out and almost turn white.
  4. Add mushroom, 3 cups of water, seasonings, fried shallots and fried garlic, cook over high heat till it boil, reduce to low heat, continue to cook until sauce become thickens.
  5. To serve: place the hot rice in a bowl, invert on a serving platter. Top with adequate amount of braised minced pork and serve with preserved vegetables.





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