Mul Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles in Chilled Broth)

Tested Recipe with Slight Adjustment Adapted from



Ingredients: (serves 2)

280g dried naengmyeon noodles

2 packets liquid concentrated broth that comes with the package of naengmyeon noodles

2 packets mustard oil that comes with the package of naengmyeon noodles

½ cucumber (seeded and sliced thinly)

1 Korean pear

½ tsp salt

2 ½ tsp sugar (divided)

1 tbsp white vinegar

1 hard-boiled egg (cut in halves)

Adequate ice cubes

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Prepare broth:
  • Open the packets of the concentrated broth and put them into a bowl. Mix with 4cups of water.
  • Keep in the freezer for 5 hours so it gets slushy.
  1. Prepare cucumber and pear garnishes:
  • Make quick pickled cucumbers by combining the sliced cucumber, ½ tsp of salt, 1 ½ tsp of sugar and 1 tbsp of white vinegar in a bowl. Mix it well and set aside.
  • Make sugar water by mixing 1 cup of water and 1 tsp of sugar.
  • Peel the pear and slice into halves. Slice one half into thin slices and soak them in the sugar water to keep them from going brown.
  • Blend the other half of the pear and squeeze out the juice using a cheesecloth. Yield about ½ cup of pear juice.
  • Take the bowl of broth out from the freezer. Squeeze some cucumber brine into the broth and add the pear juice.
  • Mix well and put the broth back in the fridge until the noodles are ready.
  1. Prepare noodles:
  • Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add the noodles and stir with a wooden spoon and let them cook for 3 minutes.
  • Strain and rinse the noodles in cold running water until they aren’t slippery anymore and are well cooled.
  • Fill a large bowl with cold water and some ice cubes. Add the noodles and rinse them a final time.
  • Drain the noodles and divide them into 2 large shallow stainless steel bowls.
  1. Put it together:
  • Pour the icy broth into each bowl.
  • Place the pear and cucumber on top.
  • Add a packet of mustard oil to each bowl.
  • Add a half egg on top of each bowl.
  • Serve right away.



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