Welcome to my cooking blog.

My name is Marina. I’m a Malaysian Chinese, a freelance Project Consultant. Who love to eat, enjoy cooking, doing testing and developing new recipes for yummy dishes from many different cuisines.

I’m from a very traditional family. Therefore, my mum has thought me how to cook from the age of 9 years old where I’m studying at standard three. To my mum, one of the mandatory criteria a girl must / should have is to be able to cook.

During my childhood, most of the dishes that my mum prepared are either Chinese or Nyonya cuisine as my grandmother is a Nyonya.

I’ve started to venture into various types of cooking & baking from Sept 2012. Along the way, of course I do failed sometimes, but it makes me want to redo it and make it happen and close to perfection. There is so much to learn, I’ve also managed to enhance a lot in terms of my cooking & baking skill and the product knowledge for ingredients used.

Basically, we will be able to search for any type of recipe from the net. It also gave me the inspiration to start my own cooking blog for sharing with everyone with the happiness of cooking for those you love.

You will find 3,000+ recipes for various cuisines in this blog that I’ve learned, adapted or created.

Hope you enjoy viewing my blog and it also gave you the inspiration to start your own cooking. Feel free to drop me a line if there is anything else that you would like to cook but did not manage to find the recipe. Also feel free to share if there is any interesting recipe that you would like to share. I will love to do the testing and include it as part of the recipe for this blog.

Till then, happy cooking and baking and let’s venture into this fun and interesting journey together.



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