Fresh Cordyceps & Herbal Chicken Soup

Fish Maw Soup with Codonopsis, Dried Longan, Lily Bulb & Red Lotus SeedFish Maw Soup with Chinese Ham, Bamboo Fungus, Chinese Cabbage & CarrotGingko Soup with Dried Bean Curd Sheet

Longan, Lotus Seed & Ginger Soup

Lentil & Celery Soup

Lotus Soup with Job's Tear & Chicken

Notoginseng Soup with Groundnut & Codonopsis

Pig's Stomach & Peppercorns Soup

Pig's Trotter with Groundnut, Red Dates & Wolfberry

Polygonatia Soup with Codonopsis, Chinese Yam, Astragalus, Dried Longan & Wolfberry

Szechuan Preserved Vegetable with Chicken Soup

Tian Qi Leaves Soup with Mince Pork & Salted Egg

Vietnamese Chilled White Fungus with Jasmine Water, Longan & Lotus Seeds

Watercress Soup with Momordica Fruit, Carrot & Pork Rib